About us

Our mission is to alleviate suffering; poverty and security by helping people build safe communities living in peace.


We believe:

1 – In the value of each person and his life and therefore we take responsibility for each other as members of civil society organizations.

2 – Housing, food, drink is the right of all people and when we provide the basic requirements we feel hope.

  1. Every human being (man, woman, child) deserves to live in a secure society and enable him to participate in decisions that affect his life.

Meet some members of our team

Rajaa Radhi Zaiden

The organization’s president survived years of terrible conflict in Mosul, forced her family to flee the city, her will, her ability to continue working, and the long-cherished internal peace. She became the first employee of the Hope Development and Development Organization in Mosul and helped us bring peace, prosperity and hope to Mosul.

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim

Ibrahim joined Hope in 2005 and worked immediately to help people improve their livelihoods through cash-for-work projects, as well as give capacity-building lectures to employees in the state. As my children grow up, I will tell them that I participated inthe lives of many people and their children. Better through these projects.

Salim Ghanim Al-Hawash

He was born in the city of Mosul and has a great role in humanitarian work and believes that life continues despite all the disasters and difficulties that occur in it

Sarah Mohamed Ismael

My goal is to help girls succeed because when a woman is successful there are progressive societies and family members thrive.

Many members of our Organization work in the spirit of one team working together for peace in societies.